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um,,, when I was 13 years old(2012)! I have acne on my nose.. a big one.... (only one). ... every time i see pimples,acne etc,,, on my nose I pop them it help me in the past year,,, now i have a big acne(but not that big) on my nose.... When it healed it leave me red marks.... and when another pimple grows on my nose and healed it leaves me red marks,,, now the look of my nose is red because of this Pigments..,. but Only on the tip,, but acne seems only on my nose,, some on my cheecks but not noticable,,,,,,  when an acne grows,, it grows on the spot where I have red marks(only) seem's like a cycle lol,,,, I still see some Visible skin witch my acne don't touch in the past year.... now I have several little black on my pores,,,, and wide pore,,, My skin is brown,,, cause I'm a Pilipino(Philippine).... how can I get rid of this problem???<<<.... now I'm 14 and I'm turning 15 this July...... I can't study with this... and I'm a male..... can laser treatment good for my age.... how can I stop this red pigments and acne break outs,,,,(usually two or three pimples and fade for a week but leaves red marks with black things on the pores,,,)

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