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My Scars - What To Do

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Just finished a 4 month roaccutane course, I responded pretty well and 99% of active acne has cleared up. I have been left with pretty bad scarring, rolling on left cheek, ice pick and boxcar scars on both. I was wondering what I could be doing at the moment to even out texture/reduce redness etc. as I understand most procedures can't be done until 6+ months after roaccutane. The pictures are quite poor quality so you can't see the extent of the problem, also left shot is taken perpendicular to a long rolling scar so you can't see it that well - but I may upload better ones at some stage.



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Your scars are just like mine used to be! Same areas affected as me, mostly my cheeks. You have softer rolling scars and unless the lighting is hiding it well, they don't look too deep.

I won't give you my life story but I have tried and researched many treatments. The only thing that worked for me? The Dermaroller. :) The one thing you really need is patience! I started my Dermaroller treatments last July and today, I am a transformed human. My rolling scars are not 100% gone but man, they're at least 70% better. I have had 5 treatments, spaced at least 7 weeks apart, with the 1.5mm Dermaroller (the original, NOT any of those bogus copies, THIS IS IMPORTANT!).

If you want to grill me for info on the Dermaroller go right ahead. But I truly think that the treatments could really help you!

Good luck! xx

My Skin Care Regime

** Morning **

1. DermaQuest C3 Cleanser

2. DermaQuest Niacinamide B3 serum

3. DermaQuest C3 serum (Vitamin C)

4. DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Daily Moisturiser (tinted) SPF 15 or

DermaQuest Daily Moisturising Lotion SPF 15 (on weekends)

** Makeup **

1. DermaQuest DermaPerfection Primer

2. Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation SPF 15

3. Dermablend Setting Powder

** Night **

1. DermaQuest C3 Cleanser

2. DermaQuest Algae Facial Scrub (every second night)

3. DermaQuest Niacinamide B3 serum

4. DermaQuest Retexture serum (Vitamin A) (every second night)

5. DermaQuest Skin Rehydrating Serum (every other night)

6. DermaQuest Clarifying Pads (5% salicylic acid) (for my biggest acne prone areas)

7. DermaQuest DermaClear TX (for acne spots)

8. Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin and Nails (vitamin supplement)

*** Current Treatment Plan ***

2010-2011: 5 x Fraxel Re:Store sessions - maybe 10-15% improvement.

2012-2013: 5 x Dermaroller sessions - at least 70% improvement!

2013: One eDermastamp treatment down, one more to go in Oct!

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Your scars look exactly like mine too. I am 6~months post accutane and am currently searching scar treatments. Our main problem (or what I think mine is) is that the rolling scars really make my skin look distorted and wavey. As such, I am going to try subcision as a method of treatment first to fix the deepers bigger rolling scars and then add fillers. After that, I will add a non-ablative laser or dermarolling as suggested above just to fix the wavey texture created by the really shallow scars. This is just my plan though.

Someone similar to our type of scars who had a successful treatment was this guy I remember on this board named "Sverd" if you want to search him. he had a very good scar correction by having subcision done.

P.S. Once the redness fades the scars will look better smile.png keep your head up and look toward the future.

EDIT: Found the thread with sverd's results...he hasn't made a post since his successful correcton so I hope he is enjoying his new life!:

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