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Do Guys Get Turned Off By Acne?

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    Sad has made me value happy!

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:39 PM

oh please i would have tried my best to explain u things,under my control.

i understand enough about people here that i remember them everyday in my prayers.

even though i only know a few personally,i try to understand everyone here.talk to them.

but u!

check ur posts..u talk abt being a pussy slayer,girls in hot tight yoga pants and all that rubbish abt how masculine u r.


oh trust me most girls avoid u because u r so sick in ur head.

omg.i was quite subtle all way through but just look at ur posts.

so disrespectful.so cheap.

all u think and talk abt is how great ur body is,how masculine u r and still dont get laid by girls(who aint deformed or fat) because of ur acne.

damn wrong boy.

u r an absolute pain.

ur attitude,ur sick mentality and ur cheap perception of women.


i couldnt stop myself from talking so rudely.

u;re that sick.

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:41 PM

Well then maybe just the second option then. smile.png



LOL just kidding


But seriously bro, take a deep breath and then look at other people's pics on the site. While it may seem terrible to you, your acne is at about a 5/10 compared to some of the other people on this website. 


You want more dates? Read my other post bud, like I said you need to just change your approach. Your thinking is badly skewed.


(My Previous Post) 


I agree that acne on men is more noticeable because there's no makeup, but in my experience women are more willing to look past imperfections than men.


Most men do get turned on easy. It's in our genetics, it's how we developed, we truly can't help it. And yes, the majority of women think VERY differently compared to us.


What it means though is that you have to change your approach. I've talked to quite a few incredibly hot and intelligent girls, and the biggest thing they said is they don't like guys that see them just as a sex symbol. They know they're hot, and really don't always appreciate guys focusing on their looks. They want someone that appreciates their conversation, sees them as interesting, and likes to be around them when the deed is done.


You'd much better luck with the girl at the gym if you didn't go straight to "your butt is great" or "wanna do it" but instead tried to engage her in actual conversation. 


As dudes, we usually see sex as the end game when we're in the mood. But most women want something more, and so in my experience they are a bit more forgiving. There are exceptions to everything, but that's just what I've seen.

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 03:05 PM

I think the majority of people are their own biggest critics, I know I am. All my other flaws I can deal with though, this is so much harder because it's front and center, there's no hiding it. All Any of us can do is keep trying things until something works.

All I know is I would never think any less of a girl if she had acne.