Is There Still A Possiblity Of Pcos?

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Regardless of me having acne, hirsutism and weight issues for the last 14-15 years (I am now 27) there has never been any evidence of PCOS to show up in a blood test or ultrasound (puzzling enough). My periods have always come every 21 days (super regular) and are normal in every respect also - but yet I have these "androgenic" symptoms. I just don't get it? and neither does me doctor, it's very confusing.


I even went to an endocrinologist I few years back and everything once again came back normal - they tested me for everything from PCOS to CAH and nothing came up. Completely unremarkable.


Maybe they're missing something? is there a possibilty that I could have some rare variant of the syndrome? I just would like some damn answers one of these days. I just will never understand.



 - Why do I gain weight on half the calories of a regular adult? and have to eat a "plant based diet" to maintain a normal weight (otherwise I swear to God I'd be obese).


- Why is the majority of the cystic acne I experienced exclusive to the jawline? (A PCOS indicator)


- Why do I have to shave my chin, neck and stomach twice a day?



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PCOS is a set of symptoms lumped together into a syndrome. Few people get them all. Sweet jade had PCOS but was thin.

And many people have androgen if symptoms. I have hirsutism and regular, light periods. And apparently smooth ovaries.

Also, my jawline cysts are caused by a food intolerance. Everyone always likes to say jawline acne is hormonal, but this is the first I've ever heard the PCOS claim. Edited by alternativista

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