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Flakes & Dryness Gone In 1-2 Days!

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I've been on the regimen for about two weeks and a half now

and I am so proud to say my acne has been COMPLETELY gone from the third day.

with that said, my flaky skin was really annoying me

and I couldn't wear any makeup.

I'm the kind of person who cannot go anywhere without makeup so this was really bad...

now that all my acne was gone though and I didn't see any signs of new acne coming,

I decided not to put on the BP...

I know this is against the regimen rules, but hey- I wasn't getting any bumps and I wanted smooth skin FAST

before I had to go to church on Sunday.

So, I did this on Thursday night and by Friday morning, I was able to put on makeup on smooth skin!

so here's what I did:

I saw a post here about using jojoba oil to gently rub off the dead skin cells.

I didn't have any jojoba oil but I thought that was a great idea.

I searched around the house and got coconut oil instead.

I started rubbing a big chunk all over my face and gently massaged it with my finger tips.

I was dripping oil but I figured the more the better.

so, after rubbing for about 15 minutes,

I got a paper towel, dampened it in water, squeezed the excess water out just enough so it won't drip (only a little so that the paper towel is still very soft. If you squeeze too much, it will get rougher.)

and GENTLY rubbed it around my face in circular motions.

I could literally see the flakes coming off and it didn't hurt or get irritated at all.

I started to put in a bit of pressure around my mouth area where it was the flakiest

and it did get a bit red- but that's okay because of the next step.

after I felt like I got a good amount of flakes off,

I slathered on vaseline all over avoiding the eye area, and trying not to get too close to my lips.

the vaseline transfers a lot over night because it slides around, so even if you leave a good space around the eyes,

when you wake up in the morning- your eyes are all oily...

anyway, I slathered the Vaseline all over and let it sit and went to bed.

I put a towel over my pillow by the way.

the next morning, I rinsed it off with warm water and it does not wash off- just as I want it.

I dampened another paper towel and did the same thing as I did with coconut oil the night before.

then, I washed with Dan's cleanser and when I was rinsing,

the flakes were really coming off as I ran my fingers all over my face.

wherever I rubbed, the flakes would come off.

the Vaseline soothed my face and made the skin cells bloat- which made the flakes come off completely.

I ran my fingers all over until my skin wasn't feeling rough anymore and kept rinsing with warm water in between.

then, I put on some moisturizing toner- moisturizer- and sunscreen (make sure they're all for sensitive skin I use Pevonia)

then I dared to put on some foundation and.......... it was amazing!!

now my flakes weren't completely all gone, so I repeated until my skin was completely smooth

now I'm acne free and flake free!!

if I start to get acne again, I'm going to do the regimen once a day (at night)

and use AHA with moisturizer at night also.

but until then, I think I'm going to enjoy my skin. :)

I hoped this helped!

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Be careful with your regimen, as you may begin to experience over irritation from rubbing your skin to rid your skin of the flaking, thus causing acne to return. From experience, just be sure to be exceedingly gentle with your skin. The flaking will go away over time with gentle treatment of your skin and continued use of AHA. Please keep in mind that acne does lay dormant under skin, so if you don't see it now, it may reappear with a vengence and over irritation can exascerbate it! Best of luck and keep us up to date on your progress! :)

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