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I've used Duac, Benzaclin, and Acanya for my acne, which is on my forehead and chin, basically my t-zone. All have worked really well, no redness, minor dry skin, but since I have crazy oily skin anyways, that went away quickly even without using a moisturizer. I used the Benzaclin and Acanya last summer up till Nov, when I ran out and just never filled the prescriptions again since they were super expensive on my insurance. Fast forward to Jan, I was going through a breakout and my primary doc wrote me a prescription for generic Duac, and holy crap did that suck.  It wasn't just the fact that it didn't work, but it made the areas where I applied it crazy red, it was awful...I looked like I had been in the sun for ages that first morning after I applied it lol So I stopped using it after about 3 weeks b/c it sucked so bad, and I chalked it up to it being generic and not the brand name. Then just last week, I went back to the derm and got another presription for Benzaclin, thinking all was going to be right with my acne again lol, but here's the problem, the morning after I applied it, my forehead and chin were red! I don't get it, this never happened the first time, but now it's like my skin developed a sensitivity to it or something. I also have a slight burning feeling on my chin, and I'm just so confused b/c I didn't have to deal with these side effects before when I was on it the first time. I'm wondering if the weather has anything to do with it since it is winter and super cold here now and my skin is a bit dryer than the summer, but still...has this ever happened to anyone else?

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