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Is Batch 2275 Strong For Anyone Else?

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So I've been a regimine user for several years now. I just ran out of my old BP a few weeks ago and the past week have been using my new bottle (says batch lot is 2275) on the bottom.

Anyway my problem is that this new BP bottle seems to sting and irritate my face the entire time it's on. I've kept all other factors the same as previous irritation free months and haven't had a problem till the new bottle started being used.

Around the second day of using the new stuff it started causing a stinging sensation and peeling almost as bad as when I went through that terrible 4 week break in period when I first started the regimine years ago. I'm concerned because I haven't had a reaction like this to any other bottle.

I know that other factors can be involved but I honestly haven't changed a thing. Still cleaning my face gently using my hands and the shower water which I make sure is not too hot, applying approx. 4mL of BP, letting that dry then applying around 4mL of regimine moisturizer. It's still winter here so no sun to cause issues. It's not real windy but the cold is always a factor I know. That being said I've been through winters on twice a day BP treatments like this before and never had a face this irritated.

Should I get a refund and (hopefully) a less potent batch? Should I use less BP than my normal routine from this batch? Are any other longtime users having a NEW strength/irritation issue with 2275? Only reason I ask is because I know from reading the forums it has happened before so it's possible. I got lucky and wasn't affected by the "strong" batch back then but I want to make sure it hasn't happened again with this new one.

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