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Two Months Into The Regimen. Just Starting To Peal And Burn!

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So i am about two months into the regimen (using the products)... I suffered from black heads, clogged pores, bumpy forehead, and cystic acne along my jaw lines and cheeks. At this point i still have some black heads along me nose and chin, some clogged pores, and only about four actual pimples on my whole face. It has improved greatly since i first started the regimen (knock on wood!!!)... I never experienced an initial breakout and the drying from the bz was not to bad.

Now all of the sudden, two months in, using bz morning and night with the regimen, my face is suddenly starting to peel BADLY. It is also pretty sore and pink. I have a few new pimples coming in along my cheeks and jaw line but i blame that on my horrible habit of picking. Has anyone else experienced extreme dryness after the first two months of using the regimen. I expected it in the beginning but not this far into it out of nowhere. My skin is actually pretty clear I probably made it sound worse then it is, but the dry and flaky skin is pretty bad.

Also, i have been using the regimen (minus moisturizer) on my back for two months as well but has not really helped my bacne much. Going to the Caribbean cleared it up dramatically but it is now flaring back up after returning to the polluted air of NYC...

Any suggestions???

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I am sorry to hear that the second month brought on the flakiness and pealing. You skin is still adjusting to the BP, which can easily take up to three months. I always tell everyone I know to wait until the third month before deciding if enough is enough. Even for me when my acne was gone from The Regime after three months, I was still slightly flakey.

The redness can't be helped as much I'm afraid, but the flakiness can. Get yourself some extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen and mix it into your moisturizer. Don't be afraid to use more lotion, at any time of the day. Then, as soon as your face is dry, GENTLY take some scotch tape (or whatever tape) you have around the house and gently put it to your skin, peeling all those flakes off. I don't recommend it, but it works wonders for others who seem to shed scaly skin like snakes.

The regime isn't meant for the back since the BP is only 2.5. Your back has thicker skin, it may take a lot more to make that go away.

Please read the post I made here to find out what else you'll be expecting:

I wish you the best of luck! smile.png

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Sorry but I have to disagree with some of the points raised by 'treatacne' (No hate, just personal opinion.)

I'll start by saying that for me when I was using BP, I would sometimes get randomly red/dry/sore skin from BP after using it for 2 years! It happens, try having a 1 day break from BP, reduce the amount you use, simple stuff like that really helps! Only use the amount of BP you feel like you need to use, by now you should have a good feel for that! Don't force yourself to use a 'certain' amount of BP.

I would not use extra virgin olive oil as 'treatacne' recommended, I would use jojoba oil, it's a known match for skin, doesn't block pores, it just works.

Also, don't use tape, seriously? That's as bad as using those blackhead strips, of course feel free to try it but I personally think it's a bad idea.

Another thing, try using BP only nightly, it worked amazing for me and that's all I ever did, my aim was to keep my skin looking fresh and natural during the day, and treat my acne during the night! It worked very well.

'Quote' me if you have any questions or stuff.


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