Will This Coenzyme A Vitamin Have The Same Effect As B5?

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B5 helps with oily skin and enlarged pores because it creates Coenzyme A and it reduces sebum. However only megadosing on B5  (10g a day!) has that effect. 10g a day is scary, especially considering anything over 2g is overdosing...and too much B5 can cause hair loss.


So logically you wouldn't need to megadose on B5 if you can just take Coenzyme A...right? Can anyone confirm this and say taking Coenzyme A will reduce sebum? 

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No, no one can confirm this. The original study was done on b5, not coenyzme A so you will be self experimenting. B5  is much cheaper. Since you will be self experimenting it is quite possible adding coenyzme might also cause hairloss.

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