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Hello, everyone. I am wondering if anyone might have helpful suggestions for me to fight a pimple or two or three that I have. Namely, I tend to get pimples around my mouth/lips and I had a bad breakout last week which is still not cleared up. I am supposed to go on a date tonight and I do not want to have this! 


My skin is so fucking bad, it never clears up EVER. And my pimples tend to develop really quick so what starts as a small red spot in the morning will be a full pustule by noon. I also have very oily skin which never stops as well. I talked to the doctor about going on Accutane but even if I do I am sure it will only provide a temporary mask for my problem. But I digress...


I have been trying everything and nothing has worked. I recently bought some calcarea sulphurica after reading that it is helpful with pustules. So far it has no effect. I don't know what to do, no matter what my acne never ever gets better. 

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are you using any sort of topical regimen? you should check out dan's regimen on here or you can just use a light cleanser with a toner and then bp in the morning and at night. bp is the only thing that works for me. sulfur works a little bit but nothing like the bp. if you get pimples around your mouth and lips check out this toothpaste. it works really well for me and i dont get much acne around that area anymore. are you a chick? if so then hormones would affect that area too. are you on birth control at all now? you should check into spironolactone for the hormonal acne and then maybe get on antibiotics for a bit to calm everything down. minocycline is most commonly prescribed but i love doxycycline it worked really well for me. i started keflex a month ago and it stopped my cystic acne in 3 days. it works very well too.

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