Popped Cystic Pimple! (Picture)

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So, I felt a cystic pimple coming last week, so I put BP on it, that didn't work because it still developed. I always get cystic pimples on my nose. I decided not to touch it, put anything on it, and a few days later it came to a head and it looked like a giant whitehead. left it alone and it came off in the shower. Pink skin was shown. So, thinking nothing more of it, woke up the next morning and there was a whitehead. It came back. Showered. I noticed dried skin around it and the dry skin peeled off and the pimple popped. Now it's all fleshy red and there's a hole in it. Is it going to heal or is it going to scar? I wouldn't be surprised if it did scar because my skin is so sensitive and scars really easily.

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