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well I just started the regimen that dermatologist gave to me and I don't even know if I will be successful in having clear skin in just 3 months. Because she told me if it doesn't work after 3 months she will give to me the accutane. If I will go for accutane she must check my liver first if it's working properly or if it's healthy 'cause she'll not give it to me if I have a health problem. Anyway, I would like to know when will I stop producing acne. Because I get like 5-7 acne every week and I'm getting bothered when I will get a few bumps around my face. And my face is even worse when it will directly hit the sunlight. I really look like a monster under the sunlight. Everybody can clearly see my impurities around my face and it really depressing me. My pimples becomes really red and my acne scars is showing up very clearly. That's why I'm not even looking into car windows or anything that have reflections in it. However, my face looks well when I'm inside the house because it's not really bright in it. And it's the only place that I look like a human. 



I know that patience is really required for this regimen but everytime that I will get a bump or acne it really lose my hope. I just really really want a face that everyone has. And they don't even know how lucky they're for having such a clean and clear face while someone is suffering really hard inside in his/her house pleading for a miracle. They say that just keep your confidence up even you have acne. But no. I can't.



So back to the question. Will I really have a clear skin after 3 or 4 months after this? Or i'll just switch to accutane that will 100% make you clear in no time but can risk my life?

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Nobody knows if you will be clear in 3-4 month. I know it is frustrating, but just try to stick with it for 3-4 months first. Accutane is a big step and IF option 1 does not work for you, i am pretty sure accutane will help you out. It has a high success rate so, just be patient...it may be worth it!

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