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Me And My Dry Skin

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Hi guys,


So i just wanted some input. I have been having some trouble with dry skin for probably months now. Suffice it to say, I have been noticing my face getting older and older because of the weather and the dry skin. I just want to know, can dry skin really speed up the aging process that fast in your face? I have not noticed my body aging that much, just my face (where it tends to be dry the most). I usually wear sunscreen only once a day (with a moisturizer). I do not reapply it throughout the day because I am usually not much around the sun for very long periods of time. I only reapply it if I notice that my face is becoming extremely dry.


So to reiterate, does chronic dry skin really speed up the aging process? Is dry skin more susceptible to sun damage? Any inputs would be helpful. I am also open to any products that you guys might suggest that might help me with my dry skin. PS my number one trigger of dry skin is usually the cold weather, which is why I also try to wear protective clothing every time I go outside. I also have rosacea and subhorreic dermatitis.

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