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I've been taking Puritan's Pride vitamin A& D 10000 IU and 400 IU (as Fish Liver Oil) for 3 years with Magnesium and Vitamin D3 now ,which have helped keep my acne problem under control, with only the small occasional breakout once in a while. 


I recently came across Vitacost and found their shipping is a lot cheaper. I'm considering switching to Vitacost Natural Vitamin A & D 10000 IU/400 IU, but the only thing that makes me hestiate to purchase is that the main ingredient is listed as fish oil. A quick search shows that fish oil and fish liver oil are two different things, so I was wondering if it's okay to switch brands.


And I also find Country Life Natural Vitamin A and D (as Cod Liver Oil),  What's your take on Fish Liver Oil VS Cod Liver Oil for acne?



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