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Change Your Diet= Most Of The Battle

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Haven't been here in a while, but this page came to my mind today, i would like to share how i helped myself big time, i would probably get like 2 pimples biweekly, have had many full weeks clear

i use to break out crazy and im hispanic so i eat lotsss of refined carbssss lots of rice, pasta, potatoes, bread

changed white rice to Brown rice
bread to 100%whole wheat
cut down pasta, potatoes, sugary drinks
eat small portions, add more protien than carbs to feel fuller
change potatoes to sweet potatoes

take a multivitamin, omega 3, and probiotic ( acidophilus)
started to add Tea (green tea ) to my diet , not sayin its a cure,i  just take it cause its a good antioxidant

physically....i just wash my face once at night

and its ok to have a cheat day, i enjoy pasta and all the good stuff on the weekends, in addition a big plus, i lost weight!! 35 pounds changing my diet, 2 birds with one stone!


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