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  1. 1. Do you eat a lot of dairy products?

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     While reading the comments on this forum, I made a striking observation. A profusion of members have indicated that a reduction in dairy consumption has improved or cured their acne. Also, the frequency of members that improved after making this lifestyle change is high compared to the quantity of members who have improved by making other lifestyle changes.


     Consequently, I've started a poll. I want to find out how many members on this forum consume a significant amount of dairy. I don't need everyone to vote but a satisfactory number of participants may be enough to help me derive conclusions. Once I get results, I'll calculate the relative frequency and create visuals. Dairy products contain milk. Examples of dairy products are cheese, pizza, and yogurt. Do you consume lots of dairy products? Use rules of thumb when judging whether you consume lots of dairy.

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True Acne Vulagaris does not get better once you eliminate things from your diet (gluten,dairy, casein)  or become Vegan. It truly doesn't. I have had genetic acne for fourteeen years and I can vouch that diet plays absolutely no role in acne development.


I ate the healthiest most natural diet - I had cut out dairy, casein, gluten, citrus and ate 100% natural produce and it made absolutely no difference.


All these people that say it "does" have never had severe acne or perhaps they do not have true acne vulgaris.


Acne is not a dietary disease. It is a disease in which the pores shed.

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