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3 Simple Questions.


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Posted 24 February 2013 - 10:28 AM

1. Is it alright to eat at least 1 banana a day? I eat 1 banana every single day (in my smoothie mix). But I saw this link http://hubcloud.hubp...taking-Accutane that said to avoid banana while on accutane. And i'm very confused & irritated right now.


2. Will facial oil come back once my accutane course is over? My course will be ending in a few months time.. 4 months to be exact! & Naturally i'm very worried about my facial oil production. Because last time my face before accutane WAS SUPER OILY and it was definitely hard to describe the kind of life i was actually living in.


3. My imh (mental hosp.) doc prescribed me some depression pill or rather i should say 'happy pills' *lol* - fluoxetine. Every single day without fail, i take 1 fluoxetine pill & 1 accutane pill AT THE SAME TIME together after dinner. My doc say it's alright to eat them together.. but however, I wanna hear you guys opinions.. smile.png ~


Nothing much to add in right now..

If i sounded weird or anything, i apologize for that. 



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Posted 27 February 2013 - 04:59 PM

I think it's okay to eat a banana. Since Accutane is vitamin A they say not to consume any vitamins containing it because that's too much. But It should be okay to eat a banana. As long as your not eating like 9 if them. You can eat them in moderation. If you could your doctor would have told you.

Most people do have there oil production return just without the acne. But it could be less than before. It depends on the person.

And I think it's okay to take both together. Your doctor wouldn't have to you that if you couldn't he doesn't want to get sued lol

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Posted 27 February 2013 - 06:21 PM

u can eat bananas...i think that article just meant go easy on fruits because they are high in sugar and ur liver is already working hard enough with the accutane so you are fine. 


And yes ur oil will probably come back...mine started coming back slowly just like how it went away, and after about a month it was totally back, but not as bad as before, maybe like 85% as bad as before.


I donno about ur other pills but do whatever the doc said i guess :P

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