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Acne Has Been Ruining My Life These 7 Years...

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Posted 21 February 2013 - 09:19 AM

Hi all,
I never thought I would one day be posting here so frustrated with everything that's being going on.
I have had acne since I was 14 & I am 22 now.
I thought they would clear up as with everyone else, but they didn't.
They got so worse that it was a common joke among my friends that I don't need to hide behind the door to scare people. 
I laughed with them, but it hurt...
I tried everything, every medication available, even tried homeopathy. Only Accutane showed some relief 4 years back, & those were most horrible 5 months. I got cut off from all my friends, lost self esteem, confidence and just would sit in my room at home, study.
I enjoyed 5 months relief, but then they started coming again.
initially they were small but then they increased, my derm suggested trying some steroids this time, and they again cleared after 3 months. This medication was much better than accutane in terms of side effects but sadly not permanent.
They came back again after 3-4 months. But I didnt enjoy it this time. B'coz I guess people here will agree that Acne makes one paranoid. I would freak out everytime a dust particle found my face and everytime I used some cream a little extra or little less on my face.
well they returned again, and as bad as ever.
At one point I got so frustrated that I poured dettol on my face just to burn all bacteria, but it just burned my skin.
I am back on Accutane now, and its been a month. I thought I had it bad before Accutane. Derm said I might experience some increase initially, what I experienced I thought I would have to get an extra face just to accommodate all the cysts.
And now I have got swelling, my derm reduced the dosage and I am on 20mg but it still swells.
But thats not the worst part, its the irritation, its the itching and constant worry. Its the fact that its been months since I last slept peacefully bcoz everytime I turn in my sleep some acne would poke so badly that I would wake up.
Its the fact that girls dont even look at me and certainly dont talk to me. My friends stare at me and now I feel that whenever I go out everyone stares at me, this might not be true, but I would like a peace of mind.
I have lost so much confidence that despite being the final year at college I am sitting at home these past 3 weeks locked up in my room.
My derm says just 2-3 months more, I just wish there was an escape, why acne had to be too difficult, I am so frustrated with it that I am bored of being frustrated and so sick of being non productive...
I just dont know what to say anymore....help me in some way please...I am sick of it...

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Posted 24 February 2013 - 12:30 PM

Welcome!  I think you will find a lot of in the way of support and resources here.  You might consider sharing what your diet and lifestyle looks like as well as any products that you put on your skin.  That way members can provide suggestions regarding their experience.  Sometimes a shift in what you eat or don't eat can make a difference.  Also, some supplements can help, others make it worse. There's an extensive nutrition section for some ideas.

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Posted 27 February 2013 - 08:15 PM

i hope you get better soon... Any improvements thus far since your last post?    I am 26, will be 27 in may , an dhave been suffering from acne since i was 11.  However, the last 6 months (since september) have been seriously the WORSTTTT months of my life with my acne.   I don't know whether it's been the cold winter weather or my hormones....but nothing seems to help.     After seeing numerous doctors during the past 6 months, I finally saw a nutritionist/chiropractor, who said I should stay away from wheat, egg whites and refined sugars.   It has been 2 1/2 weeks and the large cyctic acne that was along my jaws and up my cheeks have decreased a lot, I can still feel the bumps, but they are getting smaller..... I am still breaking out... but I just hope this regimen starts to help me long term.... I just can't live like this anymore... it's been over 16 years...

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Posted 27 February 2013 - 08:54 PM

You're obviously a very androgen sensitive person (are you a girl or a guy?) this is the reason your acne keeps returning. You've done nothing wrong (trust me I know) it's not your diet, degree of stress or sleep schedule. Your skin is sensitive to sex hormones more than the average person due to your genetic makeup. There is a chance you could become androgen insensitive by around age 25 or so and grow out of your acne naturally but if this doesn't occur I seriously advise seeing an endocrinologist.

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