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Tatii's Dkr Log

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I think it's been just about a month since I started the DKR - will post pictures when I have access to my home computer soon so I can monitor my progress.

My background:

Struggling with acne and scarring since I was about 12. I realised recently actually that it started right before I got my first period - I'm starting to think my acne may be hormonal especially since I get a lot of acne during PMS. I also took Plan B within the last 3 months and I remember breaking out SEVERELY afterwards which didn't help. I think that's also why my acne had been sort of worsening the past couple of months since this past summer I remember thinking it was getting better! I do plan on seeing my doctor to get tested for my hormone levels.

I have used BP for the past 4 years now probably so I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness of DKR. I also use Cetaphil which is similar to the cleanser and I've been using that in my routine for about a year or two now as well. Whilst they aren't 'bad' to my skin, I definitely don't see any substantial long-term improvement.

DKR so far:

Week 1 - skin settled down a little, existing pimples were going away, seemed ok but I knew the worst was going to hit soon.

Week 2 - awful, new pimples popping up every day and in the same areas

Week 3 - noticing that the new pimples are actually going away pretty fast, but still getting new pimples, skin starting to dry up more (despite the fact that my skin should be used to BP by now - I guess it's the amount the DKR uses?)

Week 4 - currently at the end of week 4, only about 3 pimples remaining and they're mostly flat, skin still kind of dry, but I can feel a pimple on the side of my cheek trying to make itself known...

It hasn't been too bad so far. The only downside is that I've gotten a couple new scars from the pimples. Whether or not I touch my pimple, they still end up scarring even if they go away on its own? I use the pink mud mask from Borghese to help get rid of acne marks. Thinking about getting the AcneFree sulfur mask.

Does anybody know any other good ways to get rid of scarring?

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The last time I posted as February 19 and now it's April 4th which is over 6 weeks! I guess that means I'm on week 10/11? I'm not really sure but I'm more or less at the 3 month point and I have to say I am pretty ecstatic!

These last few days my skin has been getting progressively clearer acne wise. I don't have ANY active acne on my skin right now - I've only got 1 that's basically hardly there anymore and everywhere else feels great! I don't feel any spots on my face acting up and it just seems really calm right now and I am so happy! I've still got a lot of scars to deal with of course, but I've tackled the biggest problem!

My skin is still a little dry but I think that might be because this winter is exceptionally long and dry and also sometiems I get lazy with step 3 at night because I fall asleep while waiting for the BP to I'll try to be more diligent with that. I know that breakouts are still possible but I really feel as though my skin is a lot more under control than it has been in the last 10 years. I'm probably going to order the AHA+ when my cleanser runs out because I know it's supposed to help with complexion and all.

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