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Wonky Labels On 8Oz. Bp: Here's Why

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If you ordered an 8oz. Treatment (2.5% benzoyl peroxide) lately you may have noticed the label looks a little, oh how shall we say...let me look at the thesaurus...askew, awry, cockeyed. 


As you guys probably already know, we are always erring on the side of being as green as possible, and when in doubt we'll sacrifice the look of a product if it will help reduce our footprint. Well, recently we ordered a bunch of new labels and our label people incorrectly made them with a metallic layer. It's our bad that we didn't triple check them before they were applied, but next thing we knew they were applied to thousands of our tubes. The choice was to either throw away all the tubes or to fill them as is and send them out looking a little wonky. We chose wonky. And no worries, it's the same good stuff inside. Hope that's cool with you guys. Just wanted to let you know why they might look a little odd when you get them in the mail.

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