What Form Of Vitamin E Is 'tocopherol'?

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Hey. I'm currently using a healing moisturiser for red, inflamed skin across my eyelids and cheeks (caused by a bad allergic reaction to another face cream). It's a natural cream made from Shea Butter and fruit oils. But one of the ingredients in there is listed simply as 'tocopherol'. I know that's the technical word for Vitamin E. But what form of Vitamin E is that? Is that a natural form or a synthetic version?

And is it safe to use on sore damaged skin?


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Tocopherol is actually a class of chemicals that have vitamin E activity. There 8 forms of vitamin E, all tocopherols or tocotrienols. They are organic compounds, not man-made. The synthetic form is dl-tocopheryl acetate. 


Yes, they are completely safe, and pretty much the only version of vitamin E you'll find in skincare products.

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