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Will Tiny Ice Pick Scar Disappear?

ice pick tca

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 07:15 PM



I too have ice pick scars since i had bad acne last year from the birth control i was using (nexplanon implant) and they put me on dianette pill to clear up acne but i think it cleared it up too quickly and left loads of indented scars and red marks (i did occasionally pick too :/) 
Since I am an actor, I like my skin to look nice on screen. I have been using an anti-wrinkle cream (weird i know considering i'm only 21) and this has actually seemed to help me as well as my skin feeling really soft. I still have a lot of scars though but my mam suffered with the same thing and now her skin is really soft and no scars at all (she used anti-wrinkle from age 25) 
I hope this helps you.
Does anyone have any reviews or before and after pics of a TCA peel? this is my next step i think but i am scared!

So you mom had icepicks and boxscars and hers heald perfectly? How deep or how shallow is it? Mines are fresh about 2 to 4 months old and im also youn (16). I am also thinking of being in showbiz but that's not happening cause of my acne and scars. I also have a dogbite scar on my nosebridge between my eyes. For the peels, a lot of people have negative reviews for peels but there are also a lot of positive reviews. I havent had a peel so i woudnt know anything.
Yeah she had worse ones than me and her's are totally gone. It took about 3 years though to go completely she said. So I still have a long time to wait because i have only had mine for about 6 months... Oh i wish i could afford all the fancy stuff!

Whew 3 years. That sadens me since im 16 and teenage years are the ones you're supposed to enjoy as much as you can before yo go to the working world.... I definitely wish i had money as well. It'd make everything so much easier.
I am gonna try derma rolling... its the most cost effective way and as long as you do it around once a fortnight you will get fast results (you can do it more often but no more than once a week) i will let you know how it goes for me :) 

Ok :) wish you luck!

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 09:14 AM

i had tons of those when i was younger and they all filled in. i even had some box car scars and they filled in too with time. taking at least 1000mg of vitamin c a day can help too.

but it really took time,right?maybe more than 5 years......

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 09:38 AM

no my didnt take that long maybe 1-2 years at the most. i cant remember the time frame but it wasnt that long. i was in my 20's though at the time. i did have ipl's done on the areas so maybe somehow it also helped collagen production? i dont know i just know that i did have those areas zapped a few times for the redness. 

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