Not Sure Whether To Stay On Antibiotics Or Go For Accutane?

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I have severe acne and its been 2 years since I started to get acne. Im currently 16 years old. A few days ago I went to my family doctor for my acne, and he prescribed me with doxycycline and two topical creams : retina A micro and Duac (5% BP, 1% clindamycin). He told me to keep at it for 1 month or 2. I did some researching after, and came across a lot of stories where people suffering from acne were clear while taking antibiotics, but the acne came back once they stopped the medication. Right now, all I want is to get rid of my severe acne as soon as possible, and I really dont want to waste months on antibiotics if the acne is eventually going to come back. I heard a lot of success stories with accutane. I'm aware of the possible side affects, but it doesn't concern me if it is the cure to my horrible acne. All I really want right now is clear skin and who wants to spend another day waking up and seeing the foul acne in the mirror?

The question is should I give antibiotics and the two topicals a try, or go back to my doctor and ask for a accutane prescription? Thanks in advance smile.png

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Most derms won't prescribe Accutane unless your acne is severe and/or you've tried everything else first. If neither of those apply to you, it will be difficult to get a prescription. Edited by BMarieWantsNoAcne

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