Holistic Remedies For Hormonal Acne

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I am new to these message boards and am overwhelmed at the amount of good information available so I was hoping anyone with suggestions could help me out! 


I have hormonal cystic acne on my chin which has recently begun to spread up to my cheeks.  It is adult on set as I had clear skin up until I was 24.  At the time I was on Yasmin and the acne was only moderate, just a few blemishes at a time.  A year ago I switched BC to Ortho Tri Cyclin and my acne cleared up 100% for 6 months.  Then it slowly started to come back and along with it I began to have melasm which I was told was a from my new birth control.  I decided to get off BC entirely as the side effects began to be too much and I wanted a more natural approach to my health care.  Since then my acne has worsened greatly.  I also have irregular periods and a few other hormone related symptoms. 


I was hoping someone would have some advice for me on supplements or natural remedies I could try for my situation.  I have tried cod liver oil with no noticible difference, I have completely removed dairy for my diet, also with no difference and recently I tried vitex which gave me terrible emotional side effects.  Is there anything else out there that I am not thinking of? I appreciate any suggestions!!

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hi! omg when i read your post its like reading everything i have experienced. Only i am still on BCP. Vitex made me crazy. it is supposed to make you balanced but i got much worse on it!

Saw Palmetto can really help with skin. It lowered my dhea levels and decreased my acne but not enough to be 100% clear . Also, probiotics, healthy fats etc.

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