Revlite Laser Vs. V Beam

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I had cystic acne over 2 years ago and then I got treated with antibiotics and oral creams that got rid of it. However, it left it's marks and I a number of indents on my cheeks. I got 4-5 v-beam sessions done over a year and a half ago and saw slight results.

Recently, I went to a new dermatologist who suggested I try Revlite laser.
1) Has anyone used that service and do you know if it's effective for collagen production/filling indented skin marks?
2) Is it different from v-beam or same concept? i don't want to do it if there will be no effect - waste of money.

Any help would be great - i'm on a time crunch as i'm travelling soon and won't be able to get it done if i don't make up my mind in the next 4 days.


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