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Oh The Massive Amounts Of Various Scars On My Lovely Face

ice pick cortisone needling hypertrophic

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 09:49 PM

Hi all,
So I posted on acne.org awhile back when I was dealing with active acne. I finally found my solution but now I am dealing with scars of every sort. I have the typical rolling and boxcar acne scars. Damn myself for picking those. I only have one ice pick scar, right in my dimple so not so horrible. THEN I developed a hypertrophic scar between my eyes. I had it for almost two years. I am not sure what it was; cyst or abnormal scar tissue. My derm did not know either. I begged at least ten doctors to do SOMETHING and none of them would. Finally a doctor agreed to cortisone, rather easily actually, and because I was denied so many times, I jumped at the chance. Mistake? Yup. I am one month post cortisone shot and now I have atrophy, right between the brows. Awesome, right? Also, in Sept of 2012 I had skin cancer shave biopsies done. Man, scary. The doctor told me, "oh, about 7-10 days you should be healed nicely". What the hell was he on? It has been 4 months. They are very reddish brown, the easily camouflaged one is flat and healing well. Oh but of course the very visible one (right in the middle of my cheek) is very indented. The doctor basically went too deep on that one. Phew.

Naturally, I want to speed the healing and fix some of the others. What to do? I am against lasers at the moment. If I ever do one in the future it will probably be Total FX.

So, I am currently self-injecting saline (medical grade) into the skin cancer biopsy site and the cortisone site. I inject them both differently as they are tethered different. If that makes sense. It's my first week so I'll have to update on that later.

Next options in my brain include micro needling and red LED light therapy. Both done by my lovely self. My mother is in the medical field so she will be present at first, for safety...of course! I am curious if any of you have done microneedling for scarring. Results? All the details. Same goes for LED light therapy.

I might try injections but I want to fix the problem, not postpone it.

Also, my diet is great. I use natural and awesome skin care products and the like. So if you are willing to share you experiences, reply darlings :)

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 10:06 PM

Ahhh scars always seem like the double whammy first you have the acne and you have hope of it clearing up and having a perfect complexion then to be left with scars i feel is a sickening feeling. The scars may not be as bad as the acne but the acne unlike the scars arnt meant to stick around for life! I feel your pain ive just recently had acne and its left red marks and indents on my face.
After ive finished accutane im thinking about needling maybe dermarolling to see how that goes :) do you have any pictures? x

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 10:29 PM

Do you have any pics of scars I have an atrophic scar between my eyes, totally sucks. Due to my hair brained scheme of injecting cheap Juveni into my old scars I now have hyperpigmentation that has not changed in 4 months.. So my point being when the colour returns to normal, scars do look a lot better then you can reasses. I would get a few opinions before diving into laser surgery.

p.s i bought a handheld red light LED from lloyds here in UK it's called spot clear advance, It seems quite powerfull but in all honesty hasn't helped even colour of my skin or size/shape of scars these past months.

good luck

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