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*important* Diet And Using Creams? Help?

using cream while diet vitamin vitamins

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 03:17 PM

What kind of corn? Sweet corn? Corn meal or flour, which is made frame a different kind of less sweet corn?

They may or may not be bad for you, but they aren't a great source of nutrition, are probably fairly high GI, and seem to make up a big part of your diet.

Why are you seeing a nutritionist?

In it's ingredients it says "Organic Maize" no added sugar etc. I'm only going to be having 2 "corn cakes" a day due to me limiting my carbs to 35g per day.

And I am seeing a nutritionist as I've been telling my mum that I believe my acne is coming from inside. The nutritionist is part of a well being centre and she did a Body scan test showing my imbalances in everything, such as zinc etc and we got a Food intolerance test done, showing all the foods I'm intolerant to and says I have/had leaky gut sydnrome. She helps, but sometimes I think she says some wrong things when it comes to acne. Like "You can have cheese if you want" etc.

Is there a certain type of doctor who could help me with this?

EDIT: Also, I am allergic to Fructose, and my nutritionist said to limit it to about 4g per day, the ONLY fruit I have is 1 orange. dunno if that matters and I have splenda in some healthy sweets, such as coconut.

Dude why only 35 grams of carbs a day? Without knowing your measurements i can say right now that is too low. Even fitness models eat more carbs than that and they only drop that low when they are drying out and doing glycogen depletion. Where did get the idea of 35grams of carbs from?

I am all for reducing carbs but that is seriously low. You keep that low all of the time you risk stalling your metabolism and actually causing metabolic damage.

Bring your carbs up. This is a very generic estimate but assuming you're average weight and height bring the carbs up to 100 to 150grams a day. That is still low enough but not so low you stall out.

Good sources of carbs. Gluten free oats, gluten free pasta, sweet potatoes, quinoa, veg, white rice ( please don't anyone say anything about the GI of white rice as it is almost the same as brown) Brown rice, arguably a better nutritional source than white rice.

Keep your protein high and keep a moderate amount of fat in your diet say 80 to 90grams a day (again a generic estimate)

Good fats, olive oil, udos oil, coconut oil, nuts like almonds and walnuts, oily fish like salmon.

You need to have a serious rethink here and educate yourself about nutrition.

Cut the corn flakes and cheese for a start and start eating nutrient dense foods as listed above.

My nutritionist told me to stick at a 35g of carbs per day due to it can help some sort of infection (I forget what it was tbh) and then she said (a few days ago) I don't have to worry about carbs, but i found out I broke out a bit, although it could be from purging, as she said. Anyway, I'm 18 and weigh about 55kg (121pounds) and if it matters, my height is 5'9. Whats a recommended amount I should take?

If you can find out what that infection is that would be great. If she is cutting your carbs that much then she should be compensating with increased fat intake.

I am 5'9 to and weigh 160lbs i would say you're little under weight for size. Okay i workout and have a lot of lean muscle mass but even if i didn't i would be around the 140 to 150lbs mark.

If you are keeping carbs for medical reasons that is fine but increase essential fats are needed.

I'm pretty sure it was to do with the insulin levels and what not. And she may have mentioned candida. I don't and can't have gluten anymore though, due to I know I am intolerant to it.