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I've decided to take the plunge and consult for my acne scars.

This is how they look like


I have some on my temples, my forehead and my cheeks.

I will be consulting two doctors next week: a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon.

I am considering subcision, and the laser, and also perhaps microdroplet silicone injections.

What questions should I ask during the consultation? I want to be well prepared and be able to cover all the bases when I go.

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1). what type of scarring do I have?

2). what are the various types of scarring treatments available to me?

3). what are the costs associated with these various treatments?

4). What are the risks associated with these types of treatment?

5). How many patients have you treated with my type of scarring?

6). Do you have before and after photos of these patients that I could view?

7) What type of improvement can I expect?

8) What is the recovery time for each of the procedures that you are recommending for my particular scarring? How long will it be before I see any improvement?

9) What type of payment options are available to me?

10) Do you provide patients with before and instructions for each of the treatments you provide for acne scarring?

11) How can I reach you if you complications arise? (On a weekend, for example. MY doctor gave me his personal cell phone number which I thought was incredibly generous of him.)

This is a good start......

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I'd also ask:

How many patients have you treated with my skin type?

Have you ever experienced complications with my skin type? If so, how did you remedy it?

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