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i have only been on a low sugar low glycemic diet for one week. needless to say all my acne has stopped coming! my skin is not even oily a bit! i also started taking 4 teaspoons fish oil a day. anyway i want you all to google the kitavan people. it is an island where there is no acne!! they have a basic low glycemic diet. their diet is 80% carbs but it is low glycemic. it consists of roots, fish, and fruits. like a paleo diet.

well i learned that the cause of teenage acne is insulin resistance that is natural as a part of puberty and which goes away after puberty is over. but you don't have to accept the acne. obvi the kitavan people don't even get any!

so i started a low glycemic diet. i cut out white bread, white rice, white tortillas, and all proccessed foods. i have a friend at school who's acne has suddenly disappeared. i asked him why and he said he realized after 3 years that he only got acne when he drank soft drinks and had sugar! i was amazed. well it turns out sugar raises our blood sugar which increases insulin and you know the rest how it raises free androgens which increases sebum. anyway so i cut out all unneccesary sugars.

here is what i have been eating for the past week:
breakfast: eggs or oatmeal sweetened with honey

lunch: fruit bar
apple slices
brazil nuts

lunch when i get home ( i am a hungry man )
left overs such as
sugar free almond milk

dinner: something like chicken with vegetables

here is what i am eating:
brown rice
brown rice tortilla chips
whole grain pasta

heres what i dont:
white rice
white tortilla chips
regular pasta

all the info about low glycemic is online! you can find alternates to almost any food you like! and don't forget to cut out the sugars! my skin is not oily anymore and the acne is going away like when i was on antibiotics!! it feels great!!! i recomend all of you to try it and to never have acne again like the kitavan people!

for all you skeptics here is an article from an actual doctor about the cause of acne and how to cure it: [url="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/do-milk-and-sugar-cause-a_b_822163.html"]http://www.huffingto...a_b_822163.html[/url]

it tells you on there what to eat, what suplements to take, and what not to eat. i don't even care that i didn't find this years ago i'm just happy i did! Edited by Ichance23

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I am happy you found a cure for yourself! I have recently cut out sugar and almost immediately felt a decrease in inflammation! What's the hardest is that sugar is in everything, so make sure you read the label to ensure you're not getting fooled. Edited by samorales

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