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New To The Regimen, Can I Use?

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Hello all,

Newbie to the regimen here. Been trawling these boards and the internet for the past few days trying to figure out what BP I can use. Like a lot of folk I am having no luck in finding 2.5%BP but I do have 10% Duac which I was prescribed by the doctor. Do you think it would be worth trying that out?

So far I am using:

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

(Missing out the BP, really bad!)

Cetaphil Moisturiser

I don't want to order the stuff from the US as it's so expensive to ship...especially if my skin ends up hating it!(I know you have to take a while to get used to it) Wondering if I should go to the dr's and see if I can get a lesser % BP prescribed?

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You can get 5% Duac from your GP, I'd recommend that over 10% definitely. Do you pay for your prescriptions? If so Dan's BP actually works out cheaper because the size of the tube is so big (see my post above) A tube of Duac is 25g so if you pay for your prescriptions Duac is £7.40/25g. Dan's BP from amazon including shipping is £2/25g!

I don't even have to pay for my prescriptions and I've still opted for Dan's because 2.5% bp is so much better than the 5% Duac I was getting from my GP - I was having so much trouble with redness and flakes that I just don't get at all with 2.5%

I haven't tried Cetaphil but I'm sure they're good as Dan's recommended them and I'd trust anything he says! The regimen really made a big difference to me, I thought I'd tried everything and was desperate and this totally fixed my acne when nothing else would. Hope you get good results too good luck!

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