What Type Of Acne Is This? (Pics)

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Tried some skin care products in High school but never really stuck with them. I never used any skin care on my face towards the end of High school (upperclassmen days). When I started getting self-conscious about my face I went to Wal-Mart and bought a Neutrogena face wash and the first time I used it it peeled my face off (above my cheek) so I returned that. The second face wash I used was MD formulations facial cleanser(12% Glycolic Compound), started using it and noticed my face would get really dry so I put on a Proactive green tea moisturizer, but I stopped using these 2 products cause I ran out of moisturiser and wasnt really seeing any great results with the cleanser. Now im stuck trying to figure out what type of skin I have. As the day goes on my nose gets really red and oily and sometimes I can see all the little blackheads on my nose. I dont really breakout on my forehead that much mostly on my cheeks.

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