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[color="#000000"][font="Calibri"][size="3"]Hi, I’m 14 years old. I’m a guy. I have had acne since I was in 6[/size][sup][size="2"]th[/size][/sup][size="3"] grade. I am now in 9[/size][sup][size="2"]th[/size][/sup][size="3"] grade. I only got a few pimples on my cheeks and more on my forehead. A couple months ago I started to break out a lot more. I remember I didn’t wash my face one night because I was really tired. That was a big mistake. After that I started to use a Olay facial cleanser tool(BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!). I thought it would work but it made my skin worse. Recently it got a little better but not much. I’m not overweight. I’m in good shape. I get enough sleep every night. I exercise daily. I get a couple whiteheads on my chin. I pop them a lot. That’s the only time I pick at my skin. I touch my skin as much as a normal person. I take a one a day multi-vitamin and a zinc pill every day. I also take [/size][/font][/color][color=#222222][size="3"]Minocycline once a day to help my acne. I don’t use the Olay cleanser tool anymore. I have a little acne on my back and neck as well. I also masturbate every day I don’t know if that changes my acne. I’m going to tell you my daily routine for washing my face. In the morning I wash my face in the shower. I use this Neutrogena Body Clear stuff for my body. Then I use an ultra gentle daily cleanser from Neutrogena. I take a couple pumps and wash my face for about 20 seconds. Next I use Oil-Free Acne Wash also from Neutrogena. Same method as my cleanser. Then I wash my face off with the water from my shower head. Then after my shower I put my oil-free moisturizer sensitive skin once again from Neutrogena. That’s my morning method. In the night I wash my face with the same cleanser from the morning in the same way. Then I use this Alcohol-Free Toner and spray it on this wipe and I gently wash my face with it. Next I use Tretinoin Cream, 0.05% for treatment. Finally I put the same moisturizer on from the morning. Are there any mistakes that I’m doing? Please tell me anything that I’m wrong or change. Thanks so much![/size][/color]

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