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Brown/red Facial Spots

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 09:28 AM

So, its been 2 and a half months since i started getting acne, right after when i came home after 2months of holidays spent on the coast side ( a lot of sun, sea and time spent outside of the house was involved ). My skin was awesome, clear, without any spots or scars, with few pimples covering it, but that pimples got away fast. When i came home ( I live in the city ), my face condition started to become worse and worse as the days were passing by. Like, something exploded inside me, my oil glands started to producing so much oil, whiteheads started to come out all over my face ( first slowly and day by day, there were more of them ). I was visiting my beautician so she could clean my face and stop the bacteria spreading but it wasnt helpful at all. I've changed few dermatologists, i've tried the most expensive creams, antibiotics, over the counter products, homemade products and it didnt help me at all... It was getting worse and worse. Now, 2 months after all of that, few days earlier i have decided to stop with creams and all those products with chemicals inside. I have logically realized that the root of the problem is internal, not external. Creams and all those chemical stuff just cover up the problem, they don't help with solving it. So, i threw all my stuff ( and that's a lot of stuff ) and just stopped using anything with chemicals inside. My whiteheads/acne situation is still active, but i have realized that there isn't so many of them. Anyways, the reason why i'm posting this is because i feel very unhappy with my face condition and how it looks, i have become so vulnerable, my self esteem has gotten so low and i am just anxious with going out in the public and meet all the people, talk to them, cause i feel like shit, like they only see that ugly stuff covering my face and who knows what they think about me, you know... It's hard.. Mirror was my best friend sometimes, im a boy, but i care a lot about the way i look, so i spent hours in front of it before going out partying ( showering, hairstyling.. you know it! ) and i felt good when i watched myself in it. Now, i still watch myself every day but all i can see is red/brown acne spots, redness and whiteheads covering my face. It's really depressing. But I also realized that the mirror is your worst enemy. Because, you become so obsessed with the way you look or your face looks and you start to seeing it even worser than it is. I have realized that my face is not that bad, i see it bad because of all that redness but, if i'd go count my pimples right now i'd probably wouldn't count more than 10. It's a fucking illusion. You have to see yourself from the other point of the view. It's probably not that bad as you see it cause you're probably spending so much time watching it. So keep calm and carry on.
My acne regime atm is NOTHING! I think that my skin needs some rest from all those shitty stuff. But i've read so much about the vitamines such as Vitamine A,B,D,E and Zinc and im looking forward to try it on. Now, im looking for an answer guys, if someone know what can reduce the face redness caused by scars,pimples or whatsoever?! Treatments, homemade products, anything that's not chemical! I would appreciate it.. Thank you!

Stay strong,

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 09:23 AM

It's sad that nobody helped this guy...

You can try lemon juice. Just dab it on the spots.


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