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6 Weeks

So, I have been a very bad girl about posting! Sorry!!

Just past the 6 week mark, and I have forgotten to take my Spiro or use the differin for the last week. I have absolutely no active pimples at all, just alot of red marks and scars. It still looks bad, but is nearly 100% coverable with make up as long as I don't cake it on, and use a good primer to help fill in the pits. Feels probably 90% smoother. I am really happy so far, looking forward to the marks fading and things continuing to improve over all.

32 years old
Caucasian Female
Medium Skin Tone
Cystic and Superficial Acne
Severe hyperpigmentation to cheeks and Jaw

100mg Minocycline
7500 mcg Biotin
10% Sulfur Wash
Frankenscence EO with Coconut Oil (moisturizer)

100 mg minocycline

10% Sulfur wash
Ziana gel
Coconut oil (moisturizer)

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