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Bacne. What Else Can I Try?

vitamin b vitamin b5 aha alpha hydroxy acid

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 07:30 AM

My face is somewhat under control, but my back keeps getting worse every week.

I get an allergic reaction to both AHA and BP. My skin is very reactive and sensitive, it reacts to most moisturizing cremes (anything from Nivea destroys me, the only products i can use come from Neutrogena).

I had bacne for about 6 years now and i haven't found anything that has a lasting effect, basically the only thing that had any effect where strong antibiotics

Down here i will try to recall everything i tried so far, both for my face and body acne.

Differin, Duac gel, Jomelop E, Retin-A, Azelaic Acid, Aloe vera, Lemon juice, Minocycline, Doxycycline, Tetracycline, Clindamycin, Roaccutane (14 moths in total), Vitamin B5, Exfoliating AHA product, Tazorac

I need the most sensitive treatment there is, I dont wont to bother with allergies anymore. My reactions are always the same or very similar, around 12 hours after trying a product my skin goes from my natural color to red and ends in a dark brownish, around 24hours after it has turned brown it starts to burn for at least another day. Once the burn subsides my skin starts to shed for the next two weeks until it returns to normal. I've obviously showed the reactions to my derm, but he said there is nothing he could give me for it, it's not dangerous in any way, in time it would go away.

Any help is very much appreciated-

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 08:41 AM

have you ever tried apple cider vinegar? here on this forum you will find many members that this method has worked for. just type 'vinegar cured my bacne' into the search bar.

#3 matt f

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 05:03 PM

Many people including myself had found results with Head and Shoulders. My back's never been that bad although it wasn't great last year -- going to the gym seemed to worsen it due to rubbing against benches and whatnot. This year I've been going to the gym just as much and have had no problems thanks to H&S.

I apply it twice a day (morning and night ) and leave it for a while before showering. After my workouts I will leave it for maybe 10 mins whereas at night I will only leave it for a min or 2. I use some water so it doesn't dry my skin too much. This is all that I use -- no lotions or anything else.

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 10:32 AM

How is it that H&S work? Is it cause of zinc oxide ingredient? So wouldnt taking zinc pills help bacne?

#5 David Lortscher

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 09:06 PM

Head & Shoulders works because the topical zinc helps kill the fungus that can cause pityrosporum folliculitis. I don't think zinc supplement pills have the same effect. I think the only pills that would work would be an antifungal pill like ketoconazole.

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