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Tight Skin!

dry skin tight feeling

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 04:24 AM

Hey everyone, my skin is killing me at the moment. Its all clear from acne and it doesnt look dry at all. But it feels so dry and so tight! I only wash my face for 30 seconds every night and i moisturize with extra virgin olive oil. Thats it, no harsh products and it still feels like this! What can i do?? I eat tons of healthy fats and drink a gallon of water each day.

Should i start wash my face in the morning too and moisturize or what? I can't stand this feeling!
Its winter and everytime i go out my skin dehydrates or some shit i don't know.

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 06:50 PM

You could try washing your face in the morning. I know if I don't my face feels dry. You might also consider adding something to moisturize. If you want to stay natural-- aloe, shea butter, or an essential oil?

My Regimen (cystic acne)
Morning and Night:
Auromere ayurvedic bar soap: sandalwood-turmeric,

Turmeric (extract) 400mg capsule

Finacea: Helped most of all w/ scars and acne! (morning)

Deep Steep body lotion- grapefruit bergamot
Neem Aura neem salve

Tamanu oil (night)

Olive oil, salt, and sugar scrubs (occasionally)
Working on avoiding inflammatory foods

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 07:02 PM

What are you washing with?

                                                      80%-20% Alkaline forming vs Acid forming Diet

                                                                            I don't consume:
                                                                               *Whole grains
                                                                             *Refined sugars
                                                                                 *Table salt
                                                                              *Vegetable oils
                                                                        *Processed/Fast foods
                                           *Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)
                                                                      As well as the pesticides/herbicides that come with them

                                                      My philosophy: Less externally, more internally

                 Even taking long hot showers in chemically treated tap water is too harsh for acne prone skin

                                                                 (And that's without a face wash)


                                     This site is absolutely loaded with info on curing acne internally


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