Help! What Size Derma Stamp Should I Purchase?

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Hello everyone! I have very minor acne scarring, mostly tiny indented pock marks and 2 boxcar/icepick scars (fairly shallow and small). I have decided to try derma stamping for treatment but I need some help from you all! Acne scars are taking a toll on my confidence, social life etc and I just want to live a normal life again. I have a few questions to ask you?

1. My pock marks are isolated, not clustered for the most part, what size of the derma stamp should I buy?

2. I am under topicals, clindamycin solution with dilusol, differin gel 0.1%, is it safe to continue those while derma stamping?

3. Is it safe to derma stamp scarred pores as well? I have a lot of those on my T-Zone.

4. How many times do I stamp each area?

Thanks everyone! And please reply! A couple replies will go a long way!

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