Finally Having Some Success. Saw Palmetto, Gluten Free & The Regimen.

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Hi Everyone!

A summary about me, suffered from acne (regular whiteheads and blackheads) when I was a teen. Took BCP to help clear that up, which it did. Never had perfect skin but it was pretty good.

Then I turned 25 and my skin changed. The acne I got was all on my chin and jawline. The big bumps, some nodules, some cysts, some closed comedones, always inflamed.

First I was just getting regular acne on my chin, then the week before my period I was getting a big bump. Then two. Then three. Took a round of antibiotics which worked. Then when the 8 weeks of antibiotics ended, skin got worse. Tried the usual things including a very expensive medical grade skincare line which made my skin worse- it purged and purged.

Then Oct 12th I went completely gluten free and started taking saw palmetto (450mg daily) and doing Dans regimen (except in the morning i swap out BP for prescription clinidsol) and have finally found some success.

I dont know which of the three is helping, or if its the combo- but Ive barely had any active acne in 7 weeks. A pimple here or there but overall its a 90% improvement and im EXTREMELY happy.

Just wanted to share some success Ive had :)

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I have also found success in a similar regimen. After getting a food sensitivity test from my naturopath i've been advised to remove gluten as well as dairy from my diet. In addition to this i have been taking Saw Palmetto twice a day from which i have seen more improvement.

Morning: Paula's Choice Hydrating Cleanser with ACV toner then prescription sulfacet-r topical and Cetaphil moisturizing cream

Night: Paula's Choice Hydrating Cleanser with ACV toner then BP and Cetaphil moisturizing cream

Recently i've decided to take a Hormone test from my naturopath after my success from the food sensitivity test so i have stopped taking Saw Palmetto so that my test more accurately describes my normal hormone balance. This has caused me to break out more recently so i plan on getting back on Saw after my test. I also feel that the combination of these things has really helped my skin.

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yeah. after the holidays (id like my skin to be nice for them lol) im going to drop down to 320mg daily for a while and see how that impacts, then go down to 160mg.

im also going to do a test and have an item with gluten in it and see how my skin reacts. im starting to think that wheat might be more the issue as ive had something with some barley in it (unknown to me at the time) and didnt seem to be an issue...

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success is still fantastic. alot of PIH still and I think thats from BP (im pretty sure red marks have never hung around this long before i was using bp)

i have had maybe 5 zits total in the 3 months ive been doing this regimen.

no gluten cheats at all. i have now decreased my saw p (eventually want to not have to take it) to 320mg every other day, on the other days just 160mg. eventually will do just 160mg daily, then every other day, then every 3 days, then off. will see how that goes.

also lowering the BP drastically. was using alot (like recommended) and now im just using a teenie tiny bit on my chin at night only.

so far so good. im thinking maybe ive healed my gut. taking at least 6-10billion probiotics daily as well.

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