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Not Acne?

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okay, I don't even know how to put this. I basically have been thinking that I don't have acne, or maybe I do but that I have this condition called Pityrosporum foliculitis. I have been researching it all day and alot of the pictures look exactly like whats going on with my face. But obviously I don't know for sure.

I have thought this before too. My face is pretty congested. I have actually been using differin, this is my 5th week but I have noticed it now getting worse, and I am experiencing these tiny tiny spots all around the bridge of my nose and down past just under my eyelids and onto my cheeks...also theres lots of these at the sides of my nose. Also, very strangely enough for the past couple months I have noticed a strange smell in my nose when I exhale, it is kind of like yeast/old cheese...its disgusting, and isn't always there but it is there frequently everyday. Thats what's making me think maybe it is a fungal thing?

My chin area is starting to break out too. I wonder if it would be any helpful going to see a dermatologist? I have read that sometimes they are'nt always clued up to many skin conditions and that "most" SKIN CONDITIONS are just diagnosed as "acne". My mum is sick to death of me crying all the time...Im just fed up, totally fed up, I thought my skin was getting better, I really did but its like its purging...but now I have this thought of the folliculitis and Im totally unsure what to do.

I have also now got tiny tiny spots on my chest and around my cleavage are and on the top of my back...they are very small like sweat spots.


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Pesonally, I found the best way to see if it's fungal folliculitis or not is to treat it with an over the counter anti fungal and see if it works. Nizoral and Head and shoulders shampoo are both good ( i prefer nizoral for my face, as it's a bit more gentle.) Put it on the affected area for 3-5 minutes then rinse. If it's fungal you should see improvements in just a few days. Good luck!

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