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28 And Still Can't Stop My Acne

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I'm really just posting because I'm at a loss and hoping someone on here has found some miracle vitamin or product that will work for me.

I'm a 28 year old male that has been dealing with mild acne/oily skin since I was about 15 and over the past 2 years I would say that has developed more into a moderate acne. My frustration is building, especially when no one in my family has acne, and especially since I've been waiting for years now to breathe a sigh of relief and look back and say, "Acne...I grew out of you!"

When I was in High school I was obsessed with any pimples I got, and internet was just becoming a hot item so I never really did any research...I just thought acne is a bacteria so why not wash my face 20 times a day with dial soap? For about 3 years I was washing my face excessively with anti bacterial soap, in combination with smothering my face with otc bp, prescription bp, and clindamycin, until I met my now wife when I was 18 and then I switched to Aveeno oatmeal soap.

Even with the gentler oatmeal soap, I could not avoid being noticeably oily even as soon as 15 minutes after washing my face. I don't know where all this oil comes from, but If I go more than 4 hours without rinsing with soap my face is soaking wet with oil. I have continually used bp products of all kinds over the years to find mildly beneficial results with some products. However, the products that usually do work are usually taken off the market. My wife and I are convinced that this is a big money making conspiracy among pharmaceutical products. (If we have a cure we won't need them if they find a cure they have to bury it quick!) Any way, one such product was Pan Oxyl BP aqua based gel. It was way milder than any other bp I had come across and worked great for me, but they discontinued it.

So, I tried acne free bp, oxy clean bp, and even bp in 2% hoping I could wean myself free of dependency on medication. To my dismay none of these products worked for me, I have been unsuccessful in my attempt to wean myself free of these products, and my acne is getting worst.

I have tried switching to a glycerin based soap - skin felt super clean for a while, but after a few months my pores got gigantic and I have yet to recover. Recently switched back to Aveeno oatmeal.

I have tried epsom salt - it worked for a day and then completely stripped my skin down to nothing.

I have tried witch hazel - same result.

I have tried salacylic acid - same result.

I tried vitamin d3 - made me super oily.

I tried biotin - broke out in a rash of pimples on forehead.

I tried fish oil - made me oilier.

I have recently tried going cold turkey using nothing - felt great for two days, now breaking out again like crazy, perhaps the worst breakout I have ever experienced right now on my forehead.

I have been taking saw palmetto for two weeks - seems to aid in oil reduction, but it is hit or miss depending on the day and I have not seen any positive sign of improvement in acne.

I went from having a zit here or there on my face a few years ago to now having my whole forehead covered in these little red bumps. Usually they never come to a whitehead, and they just seem to linger forever, and are not going away. Around my nose I have extremely large pores and they are always clogged, can't seem to get them unclogged anymore. I also break out on my chin now.

I feel like after years of acne medication use, that my face has been stripped down to nothing and now nothing will work for me.

My biggest concern is how acne is affecting me emotionally and socially. I'm avoiding social situations with friends and family due to embarrasment; I don't even feel comfortable around my wife because I just feel disgusting. (My acne has gotten worst since we've met, not the other way around). My mood is completely different when I'm able to manage my acne. I just don't feel like I can be myself with acne, it takes all of my enjoyment out of everything. I feel miserable, and I just want to hide far away from the rest of humanity.

I don't want to use acne medications any more because I don't think they work. I think in the long term they just make you dependent and have everlasting negative effects on the skin. Is there an answer out there? Does anyone have a suggestion?

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I have tried loads of treatments like you and am fed up with antibiotic lotions and prescribed pills.

I found this article to be helpful with links to a natural treatment plan that worked for me. There are several interesting and informative articles as well.

best wishes lucy

written by uk doctor

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You maybe should of tried Epsom salts longer iv been doing it 2 and a half weeks and its really helped me am not 100% clear yet but its prevented alot of spots and my face looks better daily. Also steam your face every three days and apply lemon juice daily there the best 3 things iv used and there all natural (btw when i started steaming i stopped the lemon juice and when i started with the epsom salt i stopped steaming. Maybe i should do all three lol

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Try OCM. I think that you are experiencing excessive oiliness because you have taught your skin to make more oil since you strip it off as soon as you get shiny.

OCM works to dissolve the clogged pores and since you leave a tiny bit of CLEAN oil behind, your face doesn't get triggered to make more oil.

It takes a bit to find the best oil combination for your skin, but once you do, the result is IMMEDIATE for oil control.

You must use Castor Oil, and at least one other carrier oil. I use Hemp and Grapeseed. Grapeseed is heavier, and may clog some people up, but I live in the desert and need the extra moisture. Also, I use Hemp oil as a moisturizer and within a few days of using the OCM I can wear make up without getting shiny, and I wake up with a soft, hydrated, slime free face.

I know it sounds backwards: Put oil on your skin to reduce oil, but it really does work.

Do some research and see if you can't find a good combo for you. I use the OCM morning and night, but at night I follow with a non-medicated, soap free cleanser to prep for my Topical Differin. Definitely helps with dryness and controls the oil.

Hope this helps!

32 years old
Caucasian Female
Medium Skin Tone
Cystic and Superficial Acne
Severe hyperpigmentation to cheeks and Jaw

100mg Minocycline
7500 mcg Biotin
10% Sulfur Wash
Frankenscence EO with Coconut Oil (moisturizer)

100 mg minocycline

10% Sulfur wash
Ziana gel
Coconut oil (moisturizer)

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I hear you, around the same age and similar story. I used benzac ac bp 2.5 for awhile wich worked pretty well then it was discontinued. I've been using bp with mixed results. I tried to ween off bp last year and got some nasty breakouts, now back on it twice a day.

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Whats your diet like? Wholesome? Whole foods? Have you consider an elimination diet? Possibly allergies? Gluten, Soy?? If you suspect allergies please keep in mind if you chose to eat animal products, that what they eat crosses over into their tissues and in turn you are possibly ingesting what you might be allergic to through your animal products diet.

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If saw palmetto is helping the oil, try adding in some other similar herbs. Some people get better results when they combine.

Saw palmetto + pygeum + stinging nettle + pumpkin seed oil is a popular choice.

I noticed that you haven't tried sulfur. My husband didn't have any success with benzoyl peroxide but really likes using a sulfur wash and occasionally a sulfur mask that he leaves on for 15 minutes than washes off. (Right now he's not willing to use anything internally, he just wants a cream.) They sell De La Cruz 10% Sulfur at Walgreens.




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i am right there with you. i am 28 and have been suffering from acne for 4 year now. i never really got acne when i was younger, but suddenly i started getting it and it's never gone away. the weird thing is that my skin has never been so oily as it is now, although i still got acne before it started becoming oily. but now i am like you, and my face gets very oily throughout the day even if i rinse it off. and i know your pain, my thoughts and emotions have been hurt by acne and i have taken to avoiding social situations because of it. i have trouble talking to people or looking them in the eyes... i hate the way i look, no matter what i do it never goes away.

Nothing works.

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The miracle is vitamin A from cod liver oil. You can buy 250 capsules containing 25,000 iu for only $10.


Interesting link but because Vitamin A can be toxic I think I would want to first consider consulting with a doctor about a proper and safe regimen.

Current Skincare Regimen

Sircuit X-Trap+ Cleanser
Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion, AM
Murad Acne Treatment Concealer

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Cleanser
Aura Cacia Grapeseed Oil (as a moisturizer)
Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion (as a spot treatment)

Monthly Chemical Peels (Salicylic and Glycolic Acid Based)
Supplements: Real Food Multi-Vitamin, Nordic Naturals Fish Oil, Vitamin D (5,000 IU daily), Vitamin C.

Diet: Modified Paleo Regimen (gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, organic and non-GMO wherever possible, but still consuming GF grains).

Symptoms: Cystic acne, mild rosacea, dry eye syndrome, mild blepharitis, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, brain fog, social anxiety).

Status as of 03/27/2015: Nothing is helping. Seeing a functional medicine practitioner 05/29/2015.

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Hey Jim, try Oxy Maximum Face Wash with 10% BP and follow with a moisturizer of your choice. Do this twice a day and it should help you. It's been the most reliable product for me, you just need to stick with it.

Oxy Maximum Face Wash

Dickinson's Witch Hazel

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion SPF15

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Try a probiotic, like the Goos Belly Shot. This will put good bacteria in you.

As acne is caused partly by bad bacteria, remove those by a body detox such as the Garden of Life detox which removes toxins.

Try a skin tea, such as Yogi's Skin Detox tea. Have 2 bags per day.

Also try Herpanacine, which is a combination of zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, selenium and other acne-fighting vitamins and herbs.

Also omega 3.

Also increase your fiber intake. Lack of fiber in the diet increases testosterone, which increases oiliness, which gives acne. Fiber also removes toxins from the body. Get a fiber powder or use the detox in the 2nd paragraph which includes fiber I think

I recommend the book "the clear skin diet".

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*troll alert*

Itchy red raised skin - dermatitis??

huge pores

indented scar

oils used for cooking

inflamed whiteheads & clogged pores

my balanced diet chart and skincare routine(medications taken & products used now)

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Def try your diet. The one time I got my clear skin (and it was less oily, too) was when I went on this one diet that eliminated simple and processed carbs, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and dairy. Unfortunately I was in college and that diet lasted only for a few months. Now I'm 26 and back to acne. One doctor I went to told me to eliminate extra carbs (except for fruits and veggies) and anything processed. Currently in the process of doing that. And I loved the Clear Skin Diet book. Another one to look into is the Acne Prescription by Dr. Perricone. Hate the advertisement about all the supplements he recommends, but has some good insight.

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