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Male 25 Second Course Accutane Log

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Hi guys. So I've benefitted from the site for a long time, and I feel it's my turn to give back.

I took my first course of accutane 2 yrs ago and had clear skin for 15months, unfortunately in the past couple months it has progressively gotten really bad. Just in time for my holiday in two weeks. Great timing

Anyway I'll be commencing my journey today after work when I go to pick up by accutane pills. Will be keeping you guys posted throughout the entire way with regular posts.

Btw bit of background about me. I'm of Asian descent. acne issues during teen yrs but started to hit me and early 20s.

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Its your second time on it, at least now you won't be surprised to see an initial purging.

Good luck!


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Okay guys so its now officially the end of Week 1. Here's how it went.

As I mentioned earlier, this is my second course of accutane that I'm commencing. My acne was classed as moderate as opposed to severe the first time I took accutane, however I still think this time around it is quite bad. I had plenty of breakouts on both cheeks and beneath my jawline. I was breaking out a lot more regularly.

Well within the first few days, I stopped breaking out as often, and old cysts were drying up quickly and disappearing. some little pimples came and went very quick, so it seems like this time around my accutane hasnt taken as long to kick in. I haven't had any major breakouts on my cheek at all since I started 7 days ago.

In terms of the side effects, only after days 6/7 did my lips really begin to dry significantly, but nothing carmex couldn't handle. Skin did feel maybe 10% drier, but if you moisturise 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, night) I think youll be fine.

I've been using a little benzoyl in the mean time to try and dry out a few cysts that have been lingering around for ages beneath my chin, but apart from that I've just been using a light cleanser. My plan during accutane is just to keep everything simple and let the drug do it's thing. The idea is that its meant to help resolve the underlying issue that is oil production right? So I try live/behave the way I would had I never had acne.

Anyway, thats all I can think of from now. If you've got any questions, feel free to fire away.

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I'm really glad you're keeping us posted! We have so many members who come by needing to see what Accutane is like for other people currently on it. Please keep posting!

"I believe that when we leave a place, part of it goes with us and part of us remains. Long after we are gone .. our voices will linger in these walls for as long as this place remains."- Gkar, Objects in Motion

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Sup sup y'all!

So it's basically week 2 now (day 13 technically) so I figured I'd do my diary update today seeing as I'm on holiday overseas at the moment so it's hard to find time.

Okay so here's how the week went;

Side effects:

My lip dryness has stepped up its game so I've had to experiment with a few other products cos the old Carmex is struggling to keep up! Products that are doing a better job for me at the moment are Vaseline lip therapy and palmers cocoa butter. My lips haven't really begun cracking yet. But I am carrying these balms with me everywhere I go and applying religiously.

In terms of my face,it was getting really dry until I changed moisturizers to 'cetaphil moisturizer for dry or really dry skin'. Strange name, but it works quite well. I don't get those annoying flakes that make it look like I've been been playing in the snow as much :).

So I went to get a massage the other day and it was a lot more painful than usual. Not sure whether it was from pre-existing footy injuries that I sustained earlier this year or it was the accutane weakening muscles and joints. Didn't think it'd hit me this early but yea I'm guessing it was indeed the latter. Which is good anyway because I sort of want to get as many side effects as soon as possible so that I know that the drug is kicking in.

Status of acne condition;

Well last week I said that I hadn't received any breakouts but this week I got a few minor to moderate breakouts, about 3 new cysts formed on my cheek however I've had these 4-5 massive cysts on my neck which have reduced somewhat, and one of them has almost disappeared. I would love to show you pictures but Ive only got my iPad with me atm and my photos are on my Samsung s3 and I have no idea how to make them connect and get along with each other. Rest assured that when I am back from my holiday which will be in the new yr, I will post them up.

Mental state:

In terms of depression, the only thing that I was every really depressed about was my acne and now that I'm doing something about it (again) .I feel better about it. It can be hard when you're out in social situations and feel insecure, especially being someone that was very outgoing but I just remind myself that this is only a 6 month sentence and after that it'll all be worth it. So yea there are times that I do get a bit down but overall just like any goal you ever set in life, if you lose sight of the finish you'll deviate off your path .

Ive previously set goals to reach target body weights, complete a marathon,reach a desired fitness level (run 3kms in sub 10mins) so I look at this as just another one of those challenges and it may sound weird but I find this one the hardest. I do take comfort in knowing that there are millions of other ppl online willing to share their experiences in the aid to help others like myself and give us that sense of relation .

Okay so I think I've rambled enough. Sorry if I've bored anyone. Please feel free to throw any questions my way. Until next week. Stay safe all :)

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Week 3

Hey guys so I've now completed my third week and I must say that things have gotten a bit better this week. Face has become quite dry and lips are now rediculously dry. I'm finding myself applying lip balm every 15 minutes.

In terms of my skins I received 2-3 new pimples and no cysts. The previous massive cyst that I received last Sunday is on my neck is halfway down and has commenced to dry up. My face is quite red now and I'm beginning to get flushed quite easily. Active pimples are starting to disappear and I'm hoping that this is a sign that my initial breakout is now over.

All in all it has been one of the better weeks in terms on my acne since it went out of control late October. He things keep on getting better from here.

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Week 4

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. Apologies for the brief post the past week but it's been hard to find time whilst I've been traveling .

Okay so in terms of the side effects this week, my face is still quite flaky but doesn't seem to be as bad as week 2s side effects. Same can be said for my lips. My nose has really dried up and has caused a few nosebleeds which has been annoying and my joints/muscles are struggling.

With my current state of acne i received quite a few new pimples and cysts this week unfortunately and the redness on my right cheek has increased. This is say is the probably nearing the worst I've looked since I started accutane. Argh I was hoping that seeing this is my second course things would be a lot quicker this time around.

I've got about 6-7 actives at the moment and am really hoping that I can makes some significant progress within the next 2 weeks before I have to go back to work. Im even doubting myself if it his course is now just going to lead to a temporary remission before I'll have to go on a third course of accutane.

Im a 90kg male and Im wondering why my derm has only prescribed me 40mg/day. The last time I was only about 50mg for 7 months and I have a feeling that having not met my cumulative dose, may have lead to my remission but at the same time Im not sure I want to increase my dose and experience another initial breakout. Has anyone here had success with low dosage and received long term remission??

I'm thinking that maybe ill just ask to go on a 9momth course to reach my cumulative dose if he doesn't allow me to up my daily dose. I really dont want to be going through this acne again. It really has affected any social life I have and after dating plenty whilst i was clear I'm back to being a recluse.

Anyway so that's week 4. Hope everyone is doing well over the festive period. And im sure everyone on this forum is wishful for the same thing from Santa this christmas !

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