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So it seems that I only post stuff on here when I'm breaking out... Jeez I'm so frustrated you have no idea. I do EVERYTHING right in the regimen. I recently discovered that the way I'm cleansing my face is contributing to all the dryness, so I'm still trying to figure that out. I am really annoyed by just this one little blemish on my face. It's not even a pimple, it's not a zit, it's just a little spot. Red spots. Obviously my acne type has changed since starting the regimen. Mostly my skin is clear, except for this one spot. These seem to be occuring randomly for no reason now. Here are a few things that make me breakout: 1. not using enough bp, 2. hats or things covering my face, 3. greasy hair, 4. irritation, 5. ????
Keep in mind that I have been on the DKR for 7 months now, my skin is still dry and flaky. I think I'm going to try the cerave hydrating cleanser once my current one runs out because I really need the extra moisture. Anyway, if anyone can give me any advice it would be highly appreciated. Thanks. -WS

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I've been on the regimen, mostly, for a decade. Yes, 10 years. I still get pimples, I've got two large ones on my forehead right now. It's never kept me close to acne free. The answer is most likely that you'll always get acne because it's genetic. Edited by Johnny199r

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