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Should I Dial Back The Bp?

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Posted 08 November 2012 - 11:09 PM

I'm almost exactly 4 weeks into the Regimen. I know everyone says your skin is really dry at this point, but I think I'm worse than average. I've done everything to moisturize my face - after I wash my face with the cleanser and let it dry, I smear a layer of jojoba oil straight on my face before applying the BP (I know it probably inhibits absorption, but oh well) both morning and night. I add generous amounts of jojoba oil to the moisturizer and apply at least two pumps in the morning and three pumps at night. I just started using AHA once at night every other night this week (combining with more moisturizer and jojoba oil), but I assume that takes time to take effect. And I apply about 1 pump of moisturizer on my face every 1/2 hour to hour while I'm at work. It literally takes just over 30 minutes for my skin to get tight and dry just sitting at my desk.

I think it's the weather here - it's not so bad for me at home, I can go for almost two hours before I have to moisturize - but there's something about the air quality at work that just just crazy drying. I always moisturize immediately before I go outside because it takes literally FIVE MINUTES before my skin is tight and dry again when I'm outside. My skin is flaking like crazy all the time, obviously. I massage off the flakes every night and morning with jojoba oil (that's before I cleanse. I put on another layer of jojoba oil after I cleanse). My skin only feels normal when I'm in the bath and the rest of the time, no matter how much moisturizer and jojoba oil I use, I have at least a tight feeling if not a near-painful tight feeling at the worst times. I use Dan's products.

My skin has only been getting dryer and dryer for the last week, and I legit think I've been getting wrinkles from the dryness (I'm 24). And let me say that I have naturally extremely oily skin to begin with - I'm the type who would have to blot oil off with a sheet every two hours. I stopped wearing makeup since I started the Regimen, by the way.

(I'm also taking some supplements, including zinc and B-5, which may well be a contributing factor, but I'm not sure if I should stop taking them or not).

I'm using the full 2 pumps of BP right now but I have to wonder if it's too much. There's dryness, and then there's dryness. But I'm worried that if I cut back then I wont get clear at all. My acne hasn't really decreased in the last month - the inflammation has definitely gone down a lot, but the number of pimples is about the same (moderate-severe cystic acne, still have cysts though they have shrunk and are not as inflamed, and I continue to break out every day.)

Is there anything else I can do about dryness, or should I cut back the BP to 1 1/2 pumps twice a day, or even just 1 twice a day?

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 11:14 PM

I completely understand your frustration. I'm 7 months into the DKR, and my skin still flakes abnormally. During the day it's fine, even outside in the harsh cold whether. The time it gets really bad is whenever I wash my face, and attempt to move it, everything feels tight and flakes off. It's like I'm a lizard with scaly skin or something. Climate might have something to do with your skin being so dry, but I bet all those supplements are contributing something. I personally don't take zinc or b-5, but you might want to do some research on those, and if you can, I'd cut back slightly on the BP, it seems like you got the moisturizing thing down. After about 2 months if you're clear you might want to try only doing BP at night or something. I hope this helped sort of, I'm struggling with the same problem and I'm very frustrated by the dry skin at the moment... Best of wishes! -WS

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