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Should I Face The Facts?

keloid hypertrophic

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 10:10 PM

That no derma could help my severe scarring, and that I have to live looking like a monster?

I dont want to waste money, I got lucky the first time with accutane clearing up most of the severe ones. But scars are a different story, I hear some people say, "theres nothing they'll be able to for your scars", and then I hear people say, "Yeah they can help them". So which is it?

I suffer from hypertrophic type scarring, sorta like keloid scars, but they actually fade with a LOT of time. I want the scars to be more less noticeable. I've got them all over my upper torso area(back, chest, face, neck,). I always think, ya know, what if one day a girl actually likes me and we get to the point were we wanna "you know" and she tries to take off my shirt, and sees all the horrible scarring, I always wondered what her reaction would be, probably run for the hills. Heck I even hate seeing myself in the mirror.

I got it ok with life right now, I got friends, even a few that are girls, I have good times, plan on going to collage, I have a job, all I had to do was show that I dont care, and just be me. Thats all it takes. But you cant help just wanting to look a little more decent, you know? Waking up everyday and seeing it just makes me go ughhhhh. For once I would like to go WOOO, Lol.

Do you guys think I cant be helped? Should I take the chance? I dont really have much too lose, except 120 bucks, lol. Honest opinions. Thanks.

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 03:09 PM

In my opinion, your type of scarring would be easier to treat. I am absolutely SURE there is something that can be done. It's often atrophic, or deep pitted scarring that's harder to treat, because of the skin/fat/collagen that's missing, that you have to build up. In your case, you have the opposite... too much collagen. I suggest before you do anything or decide anything; get a professionals input/ and opinion... a legit dermatologist.

I don't think I have had your type of scaring. I would suggest exfoliation, but again.... I'm no professional.

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 03:47 PM

Hey, really sorry to hear you are having to go through this. I'm suffering with both acne and scarring, I can really sympathise. I often think it wouldn't be so bad to have to deal with acne if it wasn't for the scars it leaves behind. There are various treatments for your type of scarring. Looks as though lasers are a popular choice (erbium or CO2 laser). My advice would be to see a plastic surgeon specialising in acne scarring. If you do have anything done always do a test patch first to see how your scar reacts to it. I know they can surgically remove hypertrophic scarring surgically but there is always the chance that it could make it worse so be careful. Goodluck!

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:45 AM

Just always remember, every problem has a solution. If it cannot be treated by natural means, maybe you could try the modern technology in dealing scars, though we cannot avoid to spen money for this action

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