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Leg Acne! (But No More Upper Body Acne)

vitamin d vitamin e zinc probiotic

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Posted 25 October 2012 - 09:56 AM

So i'm on the gut diet currently, i've been on it for 4 months and i've run out of new sources of probiotics. I've eaten every microbe i can find. I'm basically clear, or at least i dont get cysts anymore, instead i get the occasional small spot on my face. I don't get acne on my back or shoulders like i used to.

But instead i get a couple of small spots all over my legs. i strictly follow the gut diet and never break the rules, i just don't understand why i'm getting leg acne?! Anyone else get this?

I also supplement with 60mg of zinc a day, omega 3, evening primrose oil, vitamin D, FOS, Very good pro biotics and vitamin E.
I've been doing this since August 15th.

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 10:41 AM

Could just be something simple as the laundry soap you're using to wash your clothes with. Try switching to one of the sensitive skin laundry soaps free of perfumes and dyes. Otherwise it could be clothing that is too tight, or sweat on the legs forming bacteria. Lastly since it's not summer anymore, your skin may be too dry which can also cause breakouts.

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