Rolling Scar/wide Depressions Out Of Nowhere?

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Hey everyone, im am 20 years old and i have had acne since about the age of 12. My acne pretty much cleared up around the age of 18, but now i am left with moderate-severe scarring. Lately ive been noticing that ive been getting really wide depressions in my skin, out of nowhere! I am positive that they came out of nowhere because I dont have breakouts anymore, and i look at my scars under a harsh light everyday. According to medical journals, rolling scars form when fiberous threads form under the dermis and attach to it, pulling the skin down thus creating a wide wave-like depression. Is it possible that these scars are due to clusters of smaller box/icepick scars that have damaged the skin previously? Has any ever experienced this? Any comments are appreicated.


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