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Yay 1St Day On Dkr Regimen! To Cure My Cystic Acne !


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Posted 27 June 2013 - 01:20 PM

Haha really? what part of LA?
Alright, I'll remember to add you smile.png
I'm gonna use the Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen spf30

Hey love sorry for the late reply UNI keeps me busy sad.png
I live near west la college, near culver city and you? It would be so cool if you and I could meet smile.png

I'm not fond of neutrogena because it makes my skin super oily, even though its oil free it still doesn't accommodate well with my skin sad.png

Haha really? what part of LA?
Alright, I'll remember to add you smile.png
I'm gonna use the Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen spf30

I've been using Neutrogena Clear Face spf 30 for a week now, it's awesome! No breakouts and I feel like the sunscreen smell isn't as strong as some other sunscreens.
And AbyBar your positivity and determination is really inspiring! It's great that you're trying to combine holistic treatments with the regimen, I tried clearing my acne holistically a year ago and it didn't work out at all haha, now I'm on the regimen. Hopefully I can do something similar to what you're doing and have success as well!

Acneisacurse - love the username btw biggrin.png it's direct !!!
I agree that a holistic approach alone will not cute acne right away but i strongly believe that it will improve the complexion of your skin. Keep it hydrated and youthful because as you know the regimen makes our skin supsceptible to premature aging. I don't fully agree with the regimen and for that reason I don't plan on remaining on it for too long, just enough to clear my skin completely . My skin, however, is relatively clear, aside from scars and hyperpigmentations, but in all honesty the regimen is a miracle for most of us acne sufferers. So I don't regret being on it. Additionally, maintaining a positive attitude and eating a rather healthy diet has given me the positivity and energy required to endure the side effects of beginning the regimen and sustaining it for a while now. I'm a health freak smile.png the effects are still preset tho, dry skin but nothing a little moisturizer, water downing and fruits can't solve. I hope your skin is doing well though ? Keep me informed id like to be of help ya know biggrin.png


It's fine I totally understand you, my first year of school was hectic.

I live in south central lol crappy area but yeah, I was actually thinking about going to that school!

you're not that far from me so we def could meet :)

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Posted 21 March 2014 - 08:43 AM

How's your regimen going?