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Progesterone Discussion Continuation

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 09:28 PM

To prevent my spiro thread from turning into a progesterone discussion, I have continued the discussion here.

Thanks for replying Green Gables!

Yeah, I suppose I should get the hormone test before I go for anything hormone-balancing (also as posted above mentioned, that it might make things worse).

(Sorry to take this thread off topic slightly but..)
Looking at progesterone cremes, other than the 2 recommended, what do you think of the ones offered at Vitacost? http://www.vitacost....tt=progesterone I was just considering Vitacost since they have good prices, coupons every so often and their shipping to Canada isn't outrageous like many sites.

Like for example Source Naturals which seems well-reviewed (mostly by menopausal women though) and has 500 g per ounce as an article I read that should be at minimum. Though it appears that comes from soy vs wild yams. Is wild yams that much better? And is getting "bio-identical" required? I was reading through the product reviews and there was mention of acne clearing up. Plus, side note, I also get some horribly headaches around my cycle and maybe moodsings - according to other people - so maybe I should just try this whole progesterone creme even without the test.

And I assume when you use this progesterone creme, do you use it on a schedule as it relates to the first day of your menstural cycle? On some of these products it says: Menstruating Women: Begin 12 days after the first day of your menstrual flow. Continue through the 26th day.

Well I'm actually not a huge supporter of hormone testing. As I said above, you can have a receptor sensitivity to normal hormone levels. So you can have completely normal hormone levels and still have hormonal acne because your receptors are binding too often. There's not a test for that. Doctors or naturopaths will often prescribe you hormonal treatment based on symptoms alone. As someone treating acne on a limited budget, tests that may not be conclusive are a waste of money for me. But if you want to do it, go for it.

The problem with picking up just any progesterone cream is that NPC is not really regulated. If the company isn't really thorough in their processing, you could get an inactive product. Also many progesterone creams contain xenoestrogens, which is counterproductive to what progesterone is supposed to do. It's kind of like getting a salad for dinner because you want to be healthy, but then downing a giant Coke right afterward. It still ruins your insulin response. Xenoestrogen filler ingredients in a progesterone cream is bad. I won't get too much into xenoestrogens, but needless to say xenoestrogens are a real thing that can contribute to hormonal problems.

Use a bio-identical progesterone cream. The one I have used is from Beeyoutiful. While all natural progesterone within the cream is the same, the other ingredients in it make a big difference. Some creams and lotions actually contain xeno-estrogens – kind of contradicting what the cream is meant to do! Beeyoutiful’s cream contains just coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil infused with organic wild yam root, organic comfrey root, and cayenne, 1000 mg USP progesterone, sweet orange essential oil, rosemary essential oil, candelilla wax, beeswax.

"Bioidentical" is required. Part of the reason many women have long-term problems with birth control is because it contains synthetic progestin, which is similar to progesterone but not the same. There are about 10 different types of synthetic progestin. Some actually make acne worse because they are more androgenic than your body's natural progesterone. Your body processes synthetic hormones differently than bioidentical ones. I don't know if progesterone from soy is considered bioidentical or not. I know USP Progesterone from Wild Yam is bioidentical.

So I really won't personally recommend anything except Beeyoutiful and Progestelle. Those two companies are really committed to keeping their products pure.
If you choose to use another brand, go ahead, but I won't be able to help you very much if it doesn't work Posted Image

The most important thing is that it contains USP grade Progesterone. This at least guarantees that at some point in the processing it contained active progesterone.

I skimmed over Source Naturals. It does contain USP Progesterone made from soy. Its reviews on Amazon seem okay. I trust reviews on Amazon more than I do on a manufacturer's own website, and I don't really trust Vitacost reviews because I see a suspicious number of positive reviews on there. Again, not sure on the soy thing. YMMV.

Yes, pre-menopause women should only take it days 12 to 26 to keep your cycle regular. Taking progesterone every day can completely stop your cycle (not because it's harmful, but simply because to have your period your progesterone needs to drop).

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