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Hello all

I'm new here.

I've been having alot of issues lately, when i was younger i had very bad Acne, through birth control and the use of Garnier i managed to control my skin after a while, but this lasted for about a year. I am now 21 and the acne has made a fierce comback

I have alot of white heads and pimples, particularly down the sides of my face. I have picked alot and i know i'm not supposed to, but now this has left the area's red, as well as my cheeks, i suffer terribly from this, shy withdrawn and i dont like to look at people and for some reason i can't stop picking!!

I've just applied a mix of bee balm (bee wax basically) + green tea leaves to my face in the hope this will help. I've tried everything from Potassium (potato slices), lemon, jajoba and lavender oil as a toner. nothing is working

please could anyone help me with the following in short

1. How to stop scratching
2. what i can apply to help eliminate the red marks quickly (i hear cayenne pepper mixed with aloe vera ia amazing, anyone know?)
3. what i can do to stop the pimples from popping up

Thank you....

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