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Claravis Blog - My Journey [Pics]

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My 3rd month has been awesome. I don't believe I have had a single zit in probably 3 weeks! Ok, maybe a couple TEENY TINY ones but it's waaay better than the dozens I had before I started. My dozens of red spots are testament to that. I know what you are saying, maybe if my skin peeled more those spots would fall right off! Oh well, I'm not gonna complain. I'm very happy. biggrin.png Seems like my skin does tolerate this well, but my joints....well, you know my sad sob story. I shouldn't complain though!

If your lips continue to be a bitch, try Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. I bought it from my derm but the drugstore should have it. Not on the shelves though....You have to special order it. It works really, really well.

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Update - Day 48, going into Week 8.

Again, I'm doing 40mg once a day of isotretinoin (Claravis).

The biggest annoyance by far is the dried lips. People stare at them in conversations, lol! I take notice but it doesn't bug me at all :) But they are getting drier and drier as the days go on. So painful when they crack. I also am using derma e hylauronic acid moisturizing creme in the morning and before bed.

I have noticed that dry patches are popping up on my arm. The patches scab up in a few days so I started moisturizing my arms before bed. This helped the problem 90%.

I have had no new pimples which is super exciting for me. I'm more confident now and I can start to see light in my life again. Writing these blogs has also been therapeutic mainly because I get to reflect on the positive and negative things that have been happening. The other day I was driving to work and I was thinking about the isotretinoin treatment and couldn't help but wish that I started this treatment earlier. What this drug has done has allowed me to live my life the way someone should be able to. I can let my dogs lick my face again. I am not afraid to sleep on my face anymore. After working out, I'm not worried about rushing home to shower because my pores might clog. I no longer inspect my face in the mirror habitually. I do not have to use any medicated topical ointments anymore. The list goes ON AND ON.

My family was a little worried that I'm using these harsh drugs to combat acne. What they perceive as a benign problem was far from that in my eyes. The psychological impact that it has on your life and the impact it can have on your social life can be so devastating.

If my doctor visit goes according to plan in two weeks then I'll be receiving a dose of 40mg twice a day. I still been running and started hitting the gym again. No problems.

To the brighter future.

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